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Green and red Levanto marble is more of a Serpentine rock than a marble. It is a red marble, mixed with green, and scattered with white veins. The Breche aspect of this rock and its somber colouring gives it a lot of character. Levanto marble was first exploited during the 12th century, a period when quarries were found on the Ligure coast, in Italy. Since then, nineteen quarries have been opened in this area and have produced this marble. Today there are only two quarries which are still active, San Giorgio and Rossola, in Bonassola, in Appenin Ligure, south-east of Gênes.
In the Versailles Palace, there is a large Louis XV style fireplace made out of green and red Levanto marble. Installed in the Antechamber of Dogs , this antique fireplace was made during the 18th century. Originally made with gilded bronze features, these disappeared during the 19th century.
This marble can also be found on a large Louis XVI style fireplace kept at the Grand Trianon in Versailles Palace.


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