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Mazaroz is an unusual character. Born in Lons-le-Saunier, friend of Gustave Courbet, Paul Mazaroz was a patron of the arts, a sculptor, but he also wrote sociological and economic essays.
He worked in Riballeur’s workshop in Paris and became his partner after marrying the man's daughter in 1853. This partnership shifted the Ribailleur-Mazaroz company’s focus towards modernity. Indeed, after the World’s Fair of 1851, Mazaroz discovered how the English used machines for cabinet making and was the first to use them in France. Hence, he liked to call himself an « industrial artist ». This desire to be grounded in the age and progress of his times was shown in the book of photography he produced to present his creations instead of a simple catalogue of engravings . Supplier of Napoleon III, his company was one of the most prosperous in France during the Second Empire and the 3rd Republic.